About Me

Just a few things you need to know about me:

  • I have a lot of dogs.
    • Dachshunds:
      • Lucky
      • Lulu
      • L2J
      • Chubbs
    • Great Dane Mixes:
      • Levi
      • Lola
      • Scooby
      • Leo
  • I’m a photographer:
    • I do mostly nature shots, but I love doing portrait shots.
    • I have an Instagram (@usry_photography) dedicated to my photography and can’t wait to share them with you through here.
  • I’m a Clarinet Player:
    • I have 2 Clarinets (Bb and Eb)
    • I use my Bb Clarinet during Marching Band season (or Football season) and my Eb Clarinet during Concert Band.
  • I love Bullet Journaling:
    • When I saw/saved Bullet Journal pins on Pinterest, I fell in love. When I got one for my birthday I was ecstatic. I love using it for planning, keeping up with things, or decorating it.