Essentials for Band Camp

I’ve just finished my 2017-2018 Band Camp and thought I’d share the things you need to survive Band Camp.


Water: Have a gallon jug, or any big jug, filled up with water for when your outside. DO NOT bring a 20oz. water bottle! A water backpack will also do.

Gatorade/Powerade: Drink either at breakfast and at dinner, or bedtime, (avoid red)
** A great tip is to alternate between gat./pow. and water, to keep the electrolytes in your body while you outside to keep hydrated.


Breakfast: You want to east a good Breakfast (as of any day). Toast with peanut butter and fruit is a good choice. You want to avoid things with a high dairy count and eggs!

Lunch: Depending on your band camp ( some provide lunch, others don’t). If your band camp doesn’t provide lunch, then you need to pack something simple to pack and store. A sandwich is a great option. the types of sandwiches you could pack are limitless, just make sure that is has protein on it. Add something on the lines of chips or crackers, fruits, veggies, and/or a sweet and you have a easy lunch.

Snacks: You need to bring snacks because some band camps don’t provide these or you may just not like what’s being served. Some good snacks to pack are, nuts, crackers/chips, fruits, salt-based things, etc.

Keeping Cool:

Frog-togs or a wet cloth are sure to keep you (some-what) cool. A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, tennis shoes, and tank tops with shorts or lightweight clothes are sure to help you out in a big way.


If you feel like you’re going to pass-out, or just not well, please sit out or talk to your band director about it.






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